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Blackjack Summary

In Blackjack, you and the dealer (the computer) are dealt two cards to start. The objective of Blackjack is to accumulate cards that add up closer to 21 than that of the dealer, without going over 21. Cards are worth their face value with the exception of Kings, Queens, and Jacks which are each worth 10 and Aces which are worth either 1 or 11. If the value of your hand is closer to 21 than that of the dealer you win. If the value of the dealer's hand is higher than yours you lose. If the hands are of equal value the deal is a push and your money is returned. If you have a total of 22 or higher (a busted hand), you lose regardless of whether the dealer also busts.

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Summary Of The Blackjack Rules

8 52-card decks are used

The deck is re-shuffled after each hand

Dealer stands on all soft 17s

Doubling after splitting allowed

No re-splitting of cards allowed

No surrender

Only one additional card allowed on each ace when splitting a pair of aces

How To Play Blackjack

Blackjack is played with eight fifty-two card decks. After each game has been played, the used cards are shuffled back into the deck. All face cards are valued at ten and the cards from 2-10 are valued as indicated. Aces can be valued at either one or eleven; if counting the ace as eleven would put the hand over twenty-one, the ace is automatically counted as one instead. You do not need to specify which value the Ace has as it's always assumed to have the value that makes the best hand. The value of a hand is the sum of the values of the individual cards. For example, a hand containing a Jack, 3, and 4 has a value of 17.

Your chips are stacked by denomination (L1, L5, L25, L100, L500) at the bottom of the screen. Select the amount you would like to wager on a given hand by clicking the left mouse button on the chip of that denomination. The amount wagered per hand may be increased or decreased by placing the mouse on the stack that you wish to add or subtract to your bet. Each time you click the left mouse button you will add a chip from that pile to your planned wager amount. Likewise by clicking on the right mouse button you can decrease your planned wager amount. You may repeat your last bet by simply hitting the 0 button of your numeric keyboard. Other keyboard shortcuts are summarised below.

You begin a hand of blackjack by placing a bet on the table as described above. You will then receive two cards face up. The dealer will receive one card face up and one face down. Once you have been dealt your two cards (and based on the nature of these cards) you can do the following by clicking with the left mouse button on the appropriate button :

Hit Requests another card. You can request a hit as many times as you like, but if your total goes over twenty-one, you will Bust and lose the hand.

Stand Requests that you receive no more cards. The hand as it currently stands will be judged against the dealers.

Split If you have two cards of the same denomination, a Split button will appear. You can split your cards into two hands and play each hand separately. Your original bet will be duplicated for the new hand, and each hand will be played out as usual. A pointing finger will appear over each hand indicating which hand is active. The split option can only be used once per hand - you cannot split part of a split hand.

Double If you select this option, two things will happen; you will get exactly one more card, your turn will end, and your bet will be doubled.

Insurance Whenever the dealer's up-card is an ace, the player has an option of taking insurance. The player may opt to take insurance by clicking on the Insurance button. If you do not wish to take insurance, you may simply click on one of the other buttons (Hit, Double Down, Stand etc.) to proceed with the rest of the hand. If the player believes that the dealer's down-card is a 10 ranking card, then the player is permitted to place a side bet of half the original wager as insurance. If the dealer does have a 10 ranking card, the player is immediately paid 2-to-1 on the insurance bet, but the original wager is lost unless the player too has a blackjack and pushes with the dealer. Here the player is simply betting that the dealer's unseen card is a 10 valued card.

Result Payout
Winning Hand 1 to 1
Blackjack 3 to 2
Insurance 2 to 1

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