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Keno Summary
The objective of Keno is for the player to guess which numbers, from 1 to 80, will be randomly selected by the Keno machine. Each time the game is played, the player chooses 1 to 10 numbers (between 1 and 80) and the wagering amount. The Keno machine indicating the winning numbers will then randomly select 20 numbers. The objective is to have as many matches as possible between the numbers chosen by the player, and those randomly selected by the machine. The number of matches will be highlighted and a possible payout will be rewarded based on the number of matches.

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How To Play Keno

Begin by depositing money into the Keno machine. To do this, you must select a bill type (L100, L50, L20, L10, L5) from the panel at the top right hand corner of the Keno screen. You can toggle through the different bill types by clicking on the panel. Once you have made your selection, deposit the bill into the Keno machine by clicking on the bill deposit area. The amount of coins within the Keno machine is based on the amount deposited and the coin denomination selected and is shown in the Credit field in the middle right hand side of the Keno machine. For example, if you deposit L100 when the coin denomination selector (ball in the top left corner) is set to L1, you will see 100 coins in the Credit field. Similarly, if you set the coin denomination to L2 (by clicking the left arrow button), you will see that the Credit field has changed to 50 coins. The Bet field displays the amount of coins you have selected to bet that turn. Please note that the Balance field will not change when you change the coin denomination since they show your balance in dollars (not coins). The player may select coin denominations of L0.25, L1, L2, or L5.

Once you have deposited money into the Keno machine, the next step is to place a bet using the Bet or Bet Max buttons. If the Bet button is selected, 1 coin will be bet per game while the Bet Max button allows for 5 coins to be bet per game. Intermediate amounts (e.g. L2, L3, and L4 per game) can be selected by pressing the Bet button multiple times. Once the bet amount has been selected, you then choose the 1 to 10 numbers you believe will be randomly selected by the Keno machine. This is done by simply clicking on the desired number in the Keno number grid. A number may be unselected by clicking on the same number again. Once you have chosen between 1 and 10 numbers, you now select how many games you would like to play consecutively with those selected numbers using the Play One, Play Five, or Play Ten buttons. The Play One option plays the game once, Play Five plays the game five times, and Play Ten plays the game ten times consecutively.

Selecting either the Play One, Play Five, or Play Ten buttons starts the game. The numbers randomly chosen by the Keno machine are shown by a Keno ball landing in the space of a particular number. Any matches with the player's selections are shown with in flashing bright yellow. The payoffs are dependent on the total numbers selected by the player and the total number of matches. The chart provided below shows the odds based on the number of player choices and the number of matches.

Keno Payouts
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10
1 3
2 12
3 1 43
4 1 4 115
5 2 20 500
6 1 4 90 1500
7 1 2 20 250 4000
8 2 7 100 1000 (*)
9 1 3 40 250 4000 (**)
10 2 20 140 1000 4000 (***)

Based on the amount of numbers, number of coins and coin denomination you select, the possible payouts from the above chart are shown near the top of the Keno machine in the Hit and Ticket Pays fields.

Maximum Payout: L50,000 (no matter the denomination or how many coins are used)

Note: A 0.5 payout for a L0.25 bet is L0.12

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