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European Roulette

Game Summary
The game of European Roulette is played by spinning a small ball on a round wheel with thirty-seven numbered slots. When the wheel stops, the ball comes to rest in one of these slots. The object of European Roulette is to correctly predict the slot in which the ball will land. By predicting the right number, you earn a payoff on your bet. The size of the payoff depends on how the bet was placed.
American Roulette
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European Roulette
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How To Play

Your chips are stacked by denomination (L1, L5, L25, L100, L500) at the bottom right-hand corner of the screen above the game menu. Select the amount you would like to wager on a given hand by clicking the left mouse button on the chip of that denomination. The amount wagered per hand may be increased or decreased by placing the mouse on the stack that you wish to add or subtract from your bet. Each time you click the left mouse button you will add a chip from that pile to your planned wager amount. Likewise by clicking on the right mouse button you can decrease your planned wager amount. You may repeat your last bet by simply hitting the 0 button of your numeric keyboard. Other numeric keyboard shortcuts are summarized below.

To place a bet in European Roulette, place your chips on the table as described above. Depending on where you choose to place your chips, you can cover (bet on) anywhere from one to eighteen numbers with a single bet.

You can spin the roulette wheel by pressing the Spin button in the bottom left corner of the screen or by clicking on the roulette wheel. The history of the previous winning numbers is displayed in a table above the game menu. There are three different colored numbers in the history table. The Yellow colored numbers mean that they belong to the Black set of numbers. The Red colored numbers mean they belong to the Red set of numbers and the Green colored number is 0. The Pass button may be used to spin the wheel without putting a bet on the table.

You can place eight different kinds of bets on the European Roulette table. Each type of bet covers a certain range of numbers, and each type has its own payoff rate. The short lines of three numbers each are called rows on the board, while the longer lines, each holding twelve, are called columns. The first five types of bets are all made on the numbered space or on the lines between them and are called inside bets, while the last three types are made on the special boxes below and to the right of the board and are called outside bets. These bets are tabulated below :

Bet Type Explanation
Straight Up Place your chips directly on any single number (including zero)
Split Bet Place your chips on the line between any two numbers
Street Bet Place your chips at the end of any row of numbers. A street bet covers three numbers
Corner Bet Place your chips at the corner where four numbers meet. All four numbers are covered
Line Bet Place your chips at the end of two rows at the intersection between them. A line bet covers all the numbers in either row, for a total of six
Column Bet Placing a chip in one of the boxes at the end of the columns covers all the numbers in that column, a total of twelve. (The zero is not covered by any of the columns)
Dozen Bet Placing a chip in the box marked 1st 12 covers numbers 1 to 12, 2nd 12 covers numbers 13 to 24, 3rd 12 covers numbers 25 to 36
Red / Black Even / Odd Low / High A chip placed in one of the six boxes at the bottom of the board covers the half of the board described in that box. (The zero is not covered by any of these boxes.) Each box covers eighteen numbers. Low covers numbers 1 to 18. High covers numbers 19 to 36

Once a spin is complete, the winning number will be noted on the table with a marker. Winning bets will have a W chip placed on top of them.

Zero Rule

Wagers on red, black, even, odd, low, and high shall be lost if the roulette ball comes to rest in the compartment marked zero (0).

Bet Payout
1 Number 35 to 1
2 Numbers 17 to 1
3 Numbers 11 to 1
4 Numbers 8 to 1
6 Numbers 5 to 1
12 Numbers 2 to 1
18 Numbers 1 to 1

American Roulette

Game Summary

This game is played according to the same principles as applied to classic roulette, i.e. European roulette, except that in addition to the 0, there is an extra number which is the double zero (00).

Also, in order to avoid any mistakes or confusion, each player has a series of chips with no value but a different colour is attributed to each player. As to the value given to these chips, it is decided upon by the player and announced by him to the croupier at the moment of purchase.

A sample chip corresponding to that value is then displayed opposite a chip the colour of which has been chosen by the client.

The winning chances are paid out as follows:

PLEIN A bet on one number only: 35 times the bet

CHEVAL A bet split on two numbers: 17 times the bet

CARRE A bet on four numbers: 8 times the bet


A bet on these five numbers: 6 times the bet


A bet on three numbers: I I times the bet


A bet on six numbers: 5 times the bet

COLONNE A bet on the twelve numbers of the chosen column: twice the bet

DOUZAINE A bet played on the twelve numbers of the chosen dozen: twice the bet


A bet played on one of these chances: RED, BLACK, EVEN, ODD, MANQUE (No. I to I 8), PASSE (No. 19 to 36) equal.

N.B. - In the case of 0 or 00, all the winning bets placed on these numbers are paid. However,they are collected on all the Single bets.

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