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A four time poker world champion once said To be truly successful gambling, one needs an "edge". To gain that "edge" and to be successful in online gambling one also needs to pick the right game and know exactly how it is played. By using our totally free and independent casino guide, tips, free games, rule sets and strategies, you can go some way to obtaining that gaming "edge". In our free games and flash learning tool you can then hone your skills.

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One of the most popular games, where the player can use his or her skills (and a bit of luck) to build hands as near to 21 as possible without going beyond.


In Craps players can bet with the dice thrower or against and with the house. Use our guide to find out which is better


Very much like Lotto or Bingo. Choose your numbers and then wait to see how many come up


The classic casino game. You can bet on numbers, groups of numbers, colours, etc. etc A relatively easy game to play and great fun.


An other classic casino game. A favorite in the Casino Stud and aboard cruise ships.

Slot Machines

There are so many variations on the one arm bandit theme that it is enough to confuse anyone. Use our guide to find the best ones.


A game that can be played at different levels. The purpose is to get as close to 9 with two to three cards as possible.

Tips and Strategies

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